A chiropractor salary will depend on a number of things such as your years of experience, the location in which you work, the size of the company that you work and whether you are running your own practice or not or working for the government or a private practice. Generally you will earn less as a new graduate and your salary will increase as you get more experience and in some states the increase could be quite significant.

The range of a chiropractor salary is between $67,000 and $143,500 per annum. This is an average estimate based on the information from the BLS but this is set to rise as more people opt for alternatives to surgery to fix their musculoskeletal system problems. Chiropractors earning the highest pay are self-employed and this is a route that most chiropractors take. However finding the right location in an area that already has demand such as in an already existing practice could help your odds as well as getting some experience first.

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